Acer Humanity: discover the schools awarded for their green actions

For Acer, making the world a greener place is a challenge—and every challenge has winners.
The environmental project Acer Humanity has rewarded excellence in schools around the world by giving out Acer devices to the institutions that implemented the best projects and activities to promote better, eco-friendly behaviour in their students; and the chain of generosity does not stop there. The winning schools have decided to pass on their prizes to organisations that need them more than they do: by rewarding respect for our planet, Acer is contributing to making it not only a greener place, but a more charitable one where people come together to help one another as well as the environment.
Let’s take a closer look at the winning schools, what they are doing for our planet, and which charity organization will benefit from their prize.

Escolaglobal, Portugal

The green project that earned this Portuguese school the prize of 10 Acer devices was geared towards 5-year-olds: the earlier you learn to respect our planet, the better the chances to save it. The young pupils were taught the basic principles of recycling and reuse, then they were encouraged to apply them in a fun, creative way by making vases and pencil holders out of plastic bottles; the revenue from selling their creations, as well as the prize, went towards helping two disadvantaged schools in Tarrafal, Cabo Verde, within the project Semear Futuro. The name truly says it all, as it means “sowing the future”: a better future for those students who will have easier access to knowledge and a safe, inviting place to be with their peers thanks to the donation.

Selborne Primary School, South Africa

Selborne Primary School strives to be an ecologically efficient place that can show its young pupils the advantages of recycling and using renewable energy sources through its daily practices: with recycling bins throughout the campus, solar panels and water collecting tanks, Selborne Primary is a self-sustaining beacon of excellence in a city that has yet to reach its full potential. The devices will go to Buluga Primary School, a partner institution in a rural area that caters to disadvantaged children who may see the start of their very own IT centre thanks to this donation, which will make their school a place from which they can connect to the wider online world and access opportunities that their isolation would have otherwise denied.

New English School, Kuwait

In an area where environmental concerns are not yet very widespread, New English School shines as the largest school recycling centre in the country, with over a tonne of recycled material a month. From recycling paper and plastic in the classroom, to cleaning up beaches, to developing an eco-friendly conscience alongside their students’ business sense by giving them the opportunity to lead a recycling company whose profits are given back to the community, New English School was the perfect place to partner with the charity organization Direct Aid so that the prize can benefit the under-privileged students in Africa who had already been receiving textbooks and supplies from them.
An honourable mention goes to Szkoła Podstawowa nr 2, Poland, which will also be receiving a special prize for their charitable, multicultural activity consisting of fostering online communication between their own pupils and their peers in Uganda and providing them with school supplies.

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