ConceptD portfolio: taking creativity to the next level

Inventive minds are constantly looking for new means for taking their creativity to the next level: the ConceptD portfolio offers a wide range of devices specifically conceived to cover several different creative needs.

What do designers, creative professionals, and STEAM students have in common? The constant need to work with a companion capable of keeping up with their inspiration and workflow. 

As presented at the Acer for Education Solutions Showcase at BettFest 2021, all devices from the ConceptD line-up come with a uniquely modern and recognizable design that makes them immediately recognizable, with no compromises when it comes to performances. Every ConceptD is equipped with a PANTONE® validated display for the ultimate faithful colour reproduction with a 100% Adobe RGB® colour gamut and Delta E<2 colour accuracy.

The ConceptD 300 desktop is the ideal choice for numerous creative applications, from CAD projects to 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. Let’s not forget that creativity can happen anywhere: ConceptD 3 is the ultimate companion for tireless creators on the go, with its up to 20-hours battery life. For designers and students who are looking for maximum flexibility, the six display modes of ConceptD 3 Ezel represent the top-notch pick to easily share, create, and present wherever they are.

In addition to the ConceptD series itself, institutes and professionals are also supported by Independent Software Vendors partnerships powered by Acer to complete their creative experience.

What’s more, every creator, student, or teacher can enjoy an elevated creative experience thanks to the combination of the high performances of ConceptD devices and the productivity and flexibility offered by Windows 10 Pro. And since safety is never too much, Windows 10 Pro also offers different levels of protection, such as Face ID recognition and Windows Security, a guaranteed shield against online threats, especially for those creating and working remotely.

Watch the video above to discover all the secrets of our ConceptD portfolio. 

Creating with ConceptD

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